When you gamble online, the key is always to stay calm while you gamble to make sure you make the right moves. If you find yourself getting anxious or nervous while playing, there are lots of breathing exercises that you can practice while gambling online to stay on your A-game. The breathing exercises are simple tricks that you can do anytime you feel a bit off while gambling online.


Breath Counting

If you are enjoying casino games in an online casino like westcasino.com, you can try breath counting when you gamble to calm yourself down. You first have to close your eyes then take a few deep breaths through your nose and then let the breath come naturally. When you exhale, count one then increase the count each time you exhale, just be sure to not do more than 10 counts. This meditation style and breathing exercise relaxes your body and mind.

Deep Breathing

If you start to feel stressed out while you gamble, deep breathing is a great way to keep your mind clear. You can do deep breathing exercises before, during or after you gamble online, just whenever you feel stressed. If you want to play the games well, plan to do 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises, making sure you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, all slowly and calmly. This helps release tension in your brain.

Square Breathing

If you feel anxious, take a step back and do some square breathing. The first step in this exercise is for you to inhale and then hold your breath for 2 seconds. Afterwards, exhale through your nose then hold it for 2 seconds. You should make sure your exhales and inhales are all slow. This helps your mind and body relax.

Oceans Breath

If you want to feel alert and be more aware of what you are doing in the casino games, the oceans breath exercise is something you should try. This is a quick breathing method but the actual exercise should be done slowly. Take a long and slow inhale of breath then breathe out to exhale, keeping your mouth relaxed and closed. This is great if you want to feel more alert without having to drink caffeine, because too much caffeine can make you jittery and anxious.

Bellows Breath

While most of the breathing exercises above are done slowly to calm you down, this one is different. You will make rapid inhales and exhales of your breath through your nose as you keep your mouth relaxed and closed. You should be sure your inhales and exhales of breath are short while being around the same duration. This is another good way to stay aware and alert without having to down a few cups of coffee.

Breathing exercises are more effective than you think, especially if you want to gamble the best way possible. The best part about breathing exercises is that they do not cost a thing, they will only require a few minutes of your time.